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        About Us
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        CANATEX Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is located in southern part of Taiwan, close to Kaohsiung city—the most important city where fastener manufacturers gather and where Taiwan’s main material supplier “China Steel Corp” locates.



        CANATEX is not only familiar with standard parts but also specialized in automotive safety parts, both external and internal thread special parts. Our product line involves various production methods, such as cold-forging, CNC machining, stamping, deep drawing, sintering, even metal and plastic injection. Since 100% of our suppliers are from Taiwan and 70% of our products are used in the automotive industry, we can assure you the best quality.



        Besides the head office, we have a sorting and logistics center to keep stocks for our customers and improve lead time. Currently, our staff is 32 people with 16 people in the sales team, 6 in the logistic section, 6 in the quality department, and the rest are responsible for general affairs and computer-related issues.



        Ever since our foundation, “Business integrity, Value creating, Eternal management, Achievement sharing” have always been our business philosophies. By working on the principles of honesty and being trustworthy, we try to create value in the supply chain and devote to subcontractors management, eventually hope to share our achievements with our suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders. CANATEX is customer-oriented and we sincerely welcome your inquiries and wish to develop mutual fruitful relationship with you in the near future.


        TEL : 06-2705696 / FAX : 06-2705710 / E-mail :104@canatex.com.tw
        Address : No.253, Linding St., Rende Dist., Tainan City 717, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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